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Box Cake Mix Add-in for a Moist Cake





  • * Add an extra egg yolk to the cake batter. Egg yolks contain moisture and distribute that moisture throughout the cake batter, while egg whites absorb moisture. Alternatively, remove the whites from the eggs the recipe says to put in your cake.
  • *Reduce the temperature of the oven by 25 degrees if using a glass pan.
  • *Add 1/4 cup mayonnaise to your cake instead of extra egg yolk, . Mayonnaise contains fats and oils that lock in moisture as well as vinegar, which is a natural preservative. Since you're adding such a small amount, the mayonnaise won't alter the flavor of your cake.
  • *Wrap up and freeze your cake. Allow your cake to completely cool on a cooling rack after it has finished baking. Wrap the entire cake in plastic wrap so it is completely covered. Wrap the cake again with aluminum foil. Place the cake in your freezer for at least four hours (preferably over night). Remove the cake from the freezer, unwrap it and immediately frost it. As the cake unfreezes, the moisture will be locked in by the layer of icing.
  • *Store your finished cake in an airtight container. This helps lock in the moisture of the cake and prevents the air from drying out the cake. You can also cover any unfrosted areas exposed after cutting into the cake with plastic wrap.
  • *The average cake mix calls for eggs, oil and water. Rather than use water in your cake mix, use an equal amount of milk. Milk will add a slightly denser texture to your chocolate cake, but the added fat will provide a rich and moist texture to the overall cake. Use 2-percent or whole milk.
  • *Sour cream can work just like milk to add a richer texture to the chocolate cake as well as moisture. Add the same amount of sour cream to a cake mix recipe as you would water, or use half sour cream and half water. The sour cream taste will come through slightly in the cake after it is baked, but the chocolate flavor will still be the main thing you taste.
  • *There is a reason for the saying "low and slow" in the cooking and baking world. The higher the temperature of your oven, the faster the outside of your cake bakes before the inside. This leaves you with a dry texture on the outside of your cake and a moist center. Avoid this by baking cakes at lower temperatures and for a longer time. Decrease the temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit when you bake your next cake. Baking times will vary depending on your oven, but expect the baking time to increase 10 to 20 minutes for smaller cakes and more th
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