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What is Cookmarked?

Cookmarked: Is a new tool that helps you keep track of all your recipes in one place. These can be paper recipes from an old cookbook, or bookmarks to recipe sites on the web. Cookmarked also helps you share recipes with friends in all your favorite formats (email, facebook, twitter), find others who cook certain foods (Vegan guru, King of Mexican dishes), modify recipes on your mobile as you cook and more...

Who are we?

Cookmarked was created by two girls and a guy who enjoy cooking and like eating even more. We were frustrated by trying to keep up with recipes and tracking changes made while cooking.

Did I use Marsala or Chardonnay in the spaghetti sauce? Does Grandma's recipe say baking soda or baking powder? I know Brad sent me his mom's recipe for Apple Cider, but where on earth is the email?!

So, we decided to build a solution! We were pretty excited about just using it ourselves, but the more we talked about it with others we realized this tool should be shared.

cookmarked wordpress blog

From time to time, we blog about recipes we've tried out or cooked up on our own here. You might also find cooking tips or product reviews.Click here to visit our blog

Questions, Comments, or (gasp) Problems?

We're just getting started with developing cookmarked and would love your feedback on how to make it better. Please take a look around and email us at headchef@cookmarked.com with any comments.

Quick Tutorials : How do I...?

Bookmarker Tutorial

The bookmarker is simply a way to quickly and easily add all the bookmarks you have for recipes over the entire web, and keep them in one place. Drag the bookmarker link to your toolbar (or right-click the link and save as a bookmark).

Then, when you see any recipe online, you can simply click this button and a new cookmarked window will appear and auto insert the exact web-link and title. Then make any changes to the title, add any notes and click the save button. That's it!

Once you have stored all your bookmarks, you can go back to them and use them as a building block for your own recipes. Edit the recipe and add your own personal changes. (ie. substitute 1/4oz chives for 1/2oz chives).

YouTube Site Walkthrough

there is currently no sound for this; it simply walks you through some simple actions to use cookmarked

Need more Help?

This site was built to be as user friendly as possible. But, if you're confused, please feel free to either contact us or check out one of the tutorials below.

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