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WHAT IS COOKMARKED? Cookmarked is a site designed to store and share everything RECIPE related. We want to make it simple to add new recipes you are thinking of trying, as well as a place to store recipes that you already use.
WHATS NEW FOR COOKMARKED IN 2018? Starting in June 2018 - we are slowly making some long-needed changes. Cookmarked has been around since 2010, but hasn't had any major changes for several years. We've decided to clean up a few bugs, make a more mobile friendly interface, and make it even easier to store and share recipes. If you have some ideas you'd like to see definitely let us know.
CAN YOU STORE ANY ONLINE RECIPE? You can store ANY recipe from ANY site. That is the great thing about Cookmarked. Many sites have their own storage, but that limits your use to that site in particular. Cookmarked was built so you could store any recipe from ANYWHERE.
WHAT ABOUT MY OWN RECIPES? You can also store any of your own recipes. Just type up the ingredients, preparation, any notes, maybe a photo - and click the save button. It's that easy.
CAN I MAKE MY RECIPES PRIVATE? We know there are some recipes that might be a closely guarded family secret (or something like that). For those recipes, just mark them as "private" and no-one else can see them, or search for them.
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A RECIPE AND A BOOKMARK? A BOOKMARK is a quick link to an online recipe. A RECIPE has your ingredients and prepartion. It can be started from a bookmark, someone else's cookmarked recipe, or from scratch.
WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO USE COOKMARKED? The simplest way to start is by finding a recipe you like and clicking the add button. Now, you have a copy of that recipe. You can make your own notes, change up the ingredients to your liking and start building your own library.
DO YOU SELL MY INFORMATION? The emphatic answer is NO. We only use any information to create a better experience at Cookmarked. For example, we use cookies so that you don't need to login each time. All information will always be kept private, since as users ourselves - that's the way we would want it.
CAN I EXPORT MY RECIPES FOR SAFE KEEPING? Our servers backup the site on a weekly basis and we have been around for years, and we don't plan on going anywhere. However, we understand you might a copy "just incase". We are working on this feature as a part of our 2018 development update - so check back in a bit.
CAN I ASK ANOTHER QUESTION? If you have another question that we haven't posted here, let us know. We'd be happy to answer it and maybe even add it to the FAQ to help others.